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Increase Profits 61% Year Over Year (After "New" Base Year)



Full course description

The agenda includes the following:

1. “Job to be Done – Clarifying Your Purpose.” 

-Worksheet 3: Job to be Done – Your Purpose 

-Worksheet 4: Target Market for the Next 12 Months

2. Making Dollars - Drive 5 to Earn More 

-Worksheet 5: Drive 5 to Earn More

3. Why Plans Fail

-Worksheet 6: Assessment Rating to Drive 5 to Earn More

-Worksheet 7: Assessment Rating to Align 5 to Work Less

-Worksheet 8: Assessment Questions to Earn More

-Worksheet 9: Assessment Questions to Work Less

-Worksheet 10: Resources to Earn More

-Worksheet 11: Resources to Work Less 

4. Find Your Small Changes That Lead To Big Results – Your “Trim Tabs.”

-Worksheet 12: Top 5 Transformational Priorities – Your “Trim Tabs”


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