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The Art of the Side Hustle - Create a Business & Generate Extra Income



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In these difficult times, if you are trying to make a big change or just need some extra cash, a side hustle can help you build a foundation to move on to something else. If you love your day job, that’s great too—the hustle will provide a creative outlet and a backup plan. 
When you have more than one source of income, you are no longer dependent on a single employer. You will have much greater opportunity. You will learn new skills. Oh, and you’ll also have … more money. When you have more than one paycheck arriving every month, you feel better about yourself. You look to the future differently, and you consider a wider set of options as you make decisions. It’s also fun. Starting a side hustle is like “playing entrepreneurially” without making a huge commitment. 
Join this class to learn how to maintain work/life balance, find a niche, test feasibility, and create a simple business plan and strategy, while preventing the major pitfalls associated with starting a new venture on your own. The seminar will also assist with the creation of simple financial projections to ensure your side hustle is worth your time. 

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